Made in Heights - Murakami

Made In Heights are two dreamy people making even dreamier jams, reminiscent of Lorde and Cashmere Cat, but with some Yeezus-level drops for good measure. While “Murakami” was technically released last year, it’s getting our love now as we zip into hoodies and sink into fall with the same  determination as the song’s steady beat. 

Synth-driven with whispery, alluring vocals, “Murakami” combines elements of all sorts of recent musical trends, but in the end all are condensed into a magical lush sound that’s still fresh. Lending even more impending fall spookiness are the lyrics: “I’m losing touch with the physical/I’m showing up in the future like I’ve been here before” and “don’t know if this is real or a dream/imagination playing tricks on me.” A playful nod to noted fantasy author Haruki Murakami, the potential namesake for the song, or hipster nonsense? Personally, we don’t care as long as they keep singles like this coming.

(Made in Heights is also on tour—make sure to report back to us if you see them live!)

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Future Ghost Brothers @diamondsjoey coming soon… Photo: @lane_coder #fgb #lvndrcreative

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