Proud to have been a part of this creatively along with our team and proud to call him a friend. #benjihughes #getfamiliar #songsinthekeyofanimals #xxxoooxxx #frisbienyc #nymag

Home #2! Frisbie NYC.


DANS LE FUTUR via @daniel_arsham (at NYC)

Jurassic Texhnology


Simple clean tight #venicegraffiti #venicebeach #nofilter #greyday


Tom McCarten

Well these just speak for themselves really don’t they? Crisp a gif set as you’ll ever find online. Beautiful type, animation, illustration, art direction, colours, concept. The whole lot.

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I mean, come on. 

That’s the glorious Talib Kweli posing with his page in the rap coloring book. So incredible. Thanks to Revolt TV’s Samaan Ashrawi for sending this in and thanks to you all for being amazing and wonderful humans. I hope good things happen to you guys for the whole rest of the week. You’re so true and real. 

Bun B’s Rap Coloring and Activity Book is in stores now. Please go buy one. You totally deserve to have it.

Rap Coloring Book on Twitter

Big shout out to the folks at for having me over. The experience was amazing and I’ll be back again soon!